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Natwadee "JuJu" Rattanasriampipong

Founder CEO

Natwadee is Founder CEO of Thai Serenity Spa who also licensed massage therapist in States of NY & CT who graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mount Kisco, NY where she received certification in Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy and she also certified Thai Traditional Massage from Taralai Thai Massage School in Bangkok, Thailand.

She practices an integrated style of massage incorporating different techniques into one session. She is trained in a wide range of modalities including Medical Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-natal Massage , Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Geriatric massage therapy, and Reflexology, integrated them to create unique therapy sessions to help restore balance to the body and facilitate optimal tissue function and healthy range of motion.

Natwadee listens to her client's needs and will customize treatment plans based on individual needs to help clients start exploring new possibilities of well being.

Licensed Massage Therapist State of NY & CT

Certificate Life Coach

Certificate of Mindfulness

Thunyatorn Ng

Beauty Expert

Thunyatorn is a licensed makeup artist. She has mastered her craft in make up artistry, excelling in making you look and feel beautiful. Thunyatorn is very passionate and has great interest in facials massage, permanent make up, waxing and loves building relationship with clients gaining their trust and making them feel beautiful inside and out. Thunyaotrn’s mission is to see every single client with smile after they use our services. “The simile the clients get when they leave our store are extremely satisfying. It makes me very happy.”

Thunyatorn has five years experience applying permanent makeup. Thunyatorn is also licensed cosmetologist and certified eyelash extension with ten years of experience in beauty business.

Licensed Cosmetology

Licensed Tattoo Artist

Certified Waxing

Certified Eyelash Extension

Nuttaya Moran

Licensed Massage Therapist

Nuttaya is licensed massage therapist in State of CT. She graduated from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.

She practices in a wide-range of bodywork therapies that includes sports massage, eastern theory, Prenatal massage,  Thai massage, Geriatric massage therapy, reflexology, deep tissue, myofascial techniques, neuromuscular assessment and therapy, Trigger point therapy, and Swedish massage.

She has solid understanding of the body, enabling them to effectively communicate with other health care professionals and create comprehensive treatment programs for their clients.

Licensed Massage Therapist State of CT

Patrick Bruenn

Licensed Massage Therapist

Patrick is a licensed massage therapist in the State of N.Y. & C.T. who graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mount Kisco, N.Y. There he received Patrick is Certification in Massage Therapy as well as Hydrotherapy.

He is trained in a wide range of modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-natal, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular/Trigger Point, Shiatsu, Geriatric massage therapy, and Reflexology.

​Patrick will complete a B.S.; Health science, Pre-Occupational Therapy at Mercy College in May 2019. He is currently training to practice Thai Massage with his employment at Thai serenity spa.

At Thai serenity spa he and the team integrate massage therapy approaches to create a unique session. Through manual manipulation of the musculoskeletal system Patrick aims to help restore balance among the body systems. Massage Therapy is known to facilitate optimal tissue function and as recent research suggests, positively influence Vagal activity. 

Licensed Massage Therapist State of NY & CT

Elias Silva

Licensed Massage Therapist

After the loss of his son Lucas in 2015 Elias Silva closed his business and did a 180-degree change in his professional and personal life. He went back to school and became a massage therapist. And since his graduation in 2017 he has helped hundreds of people with physical and emotional disorders to better manage their health.

He is passioned about wellness and he believes that the more complex the challenge the bigger the reward . He also believes that most of the physical and emotional problems that people have today, can be easily resolved with a combination of massage therapy, meditation, nutrition and exercise. 

In his work Elias uses his own personal technics as well as the techniques he acquired in school. His purpose in life is to help people cure them selves.

Licensed Massage Therapist State of CT



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